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Somfula, derived from a clan name meaning a flowing river, its meaning attaches people to celebration and enjoyment. As much as our wines make you feel refreshed, calm, relaxed and excited – like a river – Somfula is the founder’s surname Nokubonga “Bongi”. Somfula Wines was established in March 2009. Her love for wine grew to the extent that she began to imagine having her own brand.

See and taste this lovey buy purchasing it at selected P’nP stores or simply order online at Somfula”s website.

Need to customised wine?

Customise your wine with your own personalised label. For a gift that is truly unique and perfect for any occasion. Customised wine is perfect for corporate gifts (to your clients and business associates), as well as for special occasions like year-end functions, birthdays and weddings.

Somfula brand your lovely bottle of wine with a label designed specially for you, including a company logo, slogan, photograph, or a special message of your choice (i.e. Thank you for your support; With compliments from…).
Our Wines

  • Carbernet Souvignon
  • Merlot
  • Natural Sweet  1.5L


Please contact Somfula for more info and prices.

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