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As bright and refreshing as its name, Lathitha Wines is a brand and wine that tellss true South African story of perseverance, passion and promise. Lathitha Wines is passionate about ensuring that you experience South Africa’s most celebrated cultural diversity through our wines.

Birthed in the world-renowned slopes of Stellenbosch, South Africa – Lathitha Wine’s began with the need to change the South African wine industry to become a brand and product that is inclusive and authentically represents South Africa’s diversity in culture, color and flavor.

Established in 2005, the journey from vines to bottle that has been traveled by Lathitha Wines is one that is continuously evolving and showing great promise.

Lathitha Wines is now available in the following countries: South Africa, Nigeria and Spain.

To order Lathitha Wines contact us on 078 083 1358

Come and experience the taste of Lathitha Red & Lathitha Rose at their Langa WINE BOUTIQUE

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