18 Gangster Museum

18gm Museum

The 18 Gangster Museum is the first of its kind in Cape Town. We’ve observed the way that our youth is engaging in gang culture, and how this engagement is ruining their future and limiting their potential to reach greater heights. Gangsterism has become so prevalent in our townships that boys as young as 12-years-old and even young girls are joining gangs.

We’ve come to understand, therefore, that the battle against gangsterism is not just a battle for the present, but more importantly for the future of easily-influenced and at-risk youngsters. We sought to find a creative way to curb gangsterism that will not only help reform and reintegrate current gangsters but will also help prevent future generations from inheriting this social ill. We want to introduce a project that is at once engaging, exciting and educational for our youth, and we believe that the 18 Gangster Museum will play all of those roles.

The museum will serve as an interactive intellectual institute, a place of learning through discovery. Visitors will go on a visceral, immersive journey where they are exposed to gangsterism and its associated issues, helping them to understand both the root causes of gangsterism and its negative impacts. The experience is curated and guided by ex-offenders, giving them a meaningful way of giving back to society and allowing them to be at the forefront of our mission to demystify gangsterism.

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