Langa Museum And Walking Community Tour

Langa Museum And Walking Community Tour

The Langa Community Tour includes a tour of the Langa Township Heritage Museum or Dompas Museum, Guga’sTehebe arts and craft centre, The old Post office Museum and lastly a walk through the community to a local favourite restaurant. This experience duration is 2hr 30min

Highlite of this tour:
The Langa Heritage Museum was once a pass office and court in the apartheid era. During apartheid all black people outside the confines of their government designated areas were legally required to carry passbooks. Failure to produce one resulted in a fine, arrest, or deportment.

This tour will give you a historic story of Langa Townships and by walking the streets you will experience the great transformation of this first old black township of Western Cape. Your tour guider Alfred is a true gem of langa, his well known by locals, passionate and full of energy

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