Isibane Kasi Tour

Interactive Township Tour

Isibane Kasi tour is a tour which is aimed at gathering people across the world and locally for a breathtaking township experience for the visitors and get the opportunity to witness and understand life in a township’s perspective.

This further gives the community and the visitors an opportunity to further discuss social challenges and find possible solutions while enjoying traditional and locally prepared African cuisine and entertainment.

Moreover, this event assists the organization in raising funds to sustain our community programs such as the Isibane Street soccer tournament, which is hosted on a monthly basis and aim to host it weekly so that it will have more impact.

Moreover, we will visit one of the major tourist attractions in the township of Khayelitsha which is Look Out Hill. From here you have a spectacular view over the area surrounding South Africa’s second largest township. It´s is best visited on a good Township Tour of Cape Town´s townships.

At this stage the sole activity at Look Out Hill in Khayelitsha, 40-km from Cape Town, is climbing the platform build on the largest sand dune on the Cape Flats. This is the area where many colored and black townships were created during South Africa’s apartheid era.

The Isibane Kasi Tour experience is a unique one as it gives it’s tourist a rare experience of a lifetime to weave in and around the township homes, learning about the history of Khayelitsha informal settlement and interact with the residents.

We’re more than happy to tailor township tours to your needs. If you are interested in history, art, music, education, social issues, or health care, we’re happy to customize your tour to suit you

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