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The Tour For unique sights, sounds and culture, pedal your way through Khayelitsha, Cape Town, and experience a safe and exciting way to discover the township. Ubuntu Khayelitsha on Bikes offers a unique tour that provides provides bicycle adventurers the opportunity to visit many of the township’s sites, and gives them the chance to experience part of Cape Town’s local culture..

The tour, which caters for up to 10 people at a time, includes visits to various locations throughout Khayelitsha, including Look out hill, the highest point in Khayelitsha, which offers visitors spectacular views of the township. In Nkanini Village, visitors are able to meet locals in their homes.

The Bikes Safety is of utmost importance on this tour. Upon arrival, visitors are provided with individually adjusted, fully functional bicycles. Each cyclist is given a helmet, reflective vest, and a whistle to ensure safety, street visibility, and recognition among the group.

The tour includes transportation from Cape Town city centre to Khayelitsha’s Look Out Hill and back. Upon request, and depending on the size of the group, individual pick up from hotels can be arranged to accommodate the needs of bikers.
Ubuntu Khayelitsha on Bikes is unique way to explore a landscape and culture that otherwise may go unseen. Whether young or old, Ubuntu Khayelitsha on Bikes is a safe and fun way to explore a new culture and landscape – and will surely have visitors coming back for more!

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