DiscoverIkasi was founded in 2016, as a township listing website specialising in generating leads through its national portal recognised in the industry as

DiscoverIkasi showcase the best of South Africa’s townships from our Food, Tours, Museums, Bars, Clubs, Rentals, B&B’s, Sights & Attractions and more… So unlike many other travel sites you’ll encounter on a web search, DiscoverIkasi site is written by people who actually know and experience township life. It is a complete guide to the townships of South Africa and what they have to offer, and the gateway to all the other beautiful areas of Townships.

DiscoverIkasi aims to promote township tourism across South African townships in all nine provinces, allowing locals from South Africa and the rest of the world to have a central point where they can get information about businesses and activities in our townships from the people that know it best.

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